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Early Learners Group

Do children attend with a caregiver?

Children attend without a parent or caregiver.

How often?

Children attend two sessions a week.

Excellence Rating

The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has rated MMC Brighton Campus as Exceeding National Quality Standards in all seven Quality Areas that are important outcomes for children.

Program Overview

Early Learners Program | 2 to 3 Years Old Program

Toddlers are naturally motivated to learn about life. They are curious, hands-on explorers. Montessori understands and nurtures the natural urges and drives of toddlers and provides gentle guidance and carefully designed environments where each child can learn and grow.


Getting their own glass of water, washing their dishes, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, puzzles and beads – each of the 50+ activities in the Montessori room is designed to meet the needs of a toddler’s development.

Trust and a sense of safety and confidence are the foundations for all learning. Every part of the program is important – from the physical arrangement and details of each activity to the emotional climate and groundwork of deep respect. The classroom environment provides a strong base where a child can thrive and grow in learning and life.

Typically, after arriving and hanging up their bag, most of the time is spent choosing activities to work with from the shelves, engaging in one thing at a time and then returning the activity to the shelf.

Many activities are introduced or ‘presented’ to the child by the teacher individually. For snack time in the middle of the session, we sit at the table to eat and drink, and have music and movement during the last 15-20 minutes of the session before home time.

This two hour ‘work cycle’ is perfect for toddlers to develop concentration, independence, skills, understandings, connections, language, trust, confidence and everything else they need to be themselves in the world.

Enrolment information

Children attend two, two-hour sessions per week – four hours in total.

At the beginning of the program, we arrange a meeting between one or both parents, their child and the teacher. This happens in the classroom but outside of class time. Everyone has an opportunity to meet each other and to get to know the classroom before the child’s first session.

We usually then arrange two short sessions before the child stays for the full two hours, so they are comfortable. Once the child turns three-years-old and is ready to move up, we arrange an individualised transition to one of our Cycle One (3-6 year-old) classrooms.

More ways to learn about the program:

  • School (campus) tour with the Principal
  • Observation in the classroom: one adult sitting and watching a class
  • Visit the classroom outside class hours to chat to the teacher and see the classroom.

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