As a parent of a new Cycle 4 student I can honestly say that Melbourne Montessori College is already doing such an amazing job. The education methodology, pedagogy and general culture of this school has had a profound impact on my child’s schooling and learning experience. After only a few short weeks in the MMC environment, the improvements in my child’s social, emotional and academic engagement are very noticeable. I wish I’d found MMC sooner. Heartfelt thanks!

C4 parent

It was a pleasure to witness the children’s independent learning experiences. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. The Montessori guide is patient and guides each child on their own task as each child follows their natural development. The children are confident, responsible, independent learners who trust their own capabilities.

Lee Barzily
C1 parent

A calm and patient environment allowing each individual to choose their activities. Lots of opportunities and possibilities of activities and interest. Very peaceful.

The children learn to be curious about their own environment and learn to find their own questions and answers with the support of the teacher who focuses on their individual interests.

Frederquie Glasco

A very calm, peaceful and encouraging atmosphere. The children are independently solving problems and are able to complete activities in their own time.

Margie Barrett-Lennard

Children have respect for the classroom. The children are very happy on their own and engaging with their learning experiences…in a very ordered environment.

Elliot Janover

An amazing level of independent driven learning, great maturity shown by the children who show responsibility around their own work. Practical hands-on learning which encourages repetition.

Lucas Konieczny

Beautiful calm environment, lovely flow and amazing focus. Self-directed but with lovely structure and boundaries. Develops awareness of surrounding and respect for others.

Amy Arnott

After three years at Melbourne Montessori College, my son has blossomed into a thoughtful and kind boy with so much consideration towards his peers and teacher. He is so confident and happy now. I can’t speak more highly of the school and his Cycle 2 teacher. She is amazing.


We are so grateful for the hard work, passion, love and kindness that our Cycle 2 teacher has for all the children in the room. We are looking forward to another exciting 3 years in Cycle 3!


I had the great fortune to witness the Bulen-Bulen work cycle. My first impression was that the class had the atmosphere of a meditative state. All the children were working in their own flow and they were moving around the classroom totally in sync and not disturbing one another.
I witnessed how the different capabilities of the individual students were being targeted and supported. The students were problem-solving on their own, self-initiating how they would use their time, and demonstrating their respect for each other and their environment.


My daughter thinks the teachers are amazing and she has found some good friendships. Thank you for everything you have done to make her feel settled.


My son really enjoyed the Hospitality unit at MMC last year. It gave him balance and a break from the more academic subjects. He has started to take an interest in cooking at home, which has been great! I appreciate all you are doing to support my son.


Thank you for your guidance and assistance throughout this whole year. We are truly grateful to you. With your help, we now have confidence in achieving a grade of seven!

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