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Cycle 4

CYCLE 4 Overview

Welcome to Cycle 4, the Montessori adolescent program for Years 7 and 8 (12 to 14-year-olds) where we support students during the crucial transition into adulthood. Our passionate teachers ignite curiosity and push students to ask more and expect more from themselves. Within our secure, supportive community, we encourage students to explore and create their own paths in life.

Helping your child find their unique place in the world

Adolescence is a time of immense social, mental and physical maturation, and we understand the importance of providing flexible, relevant and innovative education. Our goal is to help your child find their unique place in the world.

We support students to become practical learners, independent thinkers, citizens of the world, emotionally balanced learners and life-long learners.

Practical Learners: We engage adolescents by combining hands-on experiences with intellectual growth. By connecting learning to real world, practical applications, students see the relevance and significance of their studies. Whether building bicycles to explore dynamics and gear ratios or making a documentary with a World War II veteran at The Shrine, our location-based learning approach captures student interest.

Independent Thinkers: We nurture creativity and innovation by fostering independent thinking. Students are encouraged to become self-motivated and self-disciplined, engaging in developmentally appropriate work within a broad curriculum.
Subjects like Creative Expression, Design and Digital Technologies are outlets for imagination and self-discovery with students able to design and improve their surroundings, develop micro-economic businesses and pursue their passions.

Citizens of the World: We empower students to become the best versions of themselves. Through collaboration with teachers and mentors, students explore their role in local communities, assist indigenous Montessori schools, volunteer in aged care homes and develop the confidence, knowledge and practical skills needed to make meaningful contributions to their local and global communities. By addressing social, moral and ethical issues, students cultivate justice, empathy, social awareness and a sense of responsibility.

Emotionally Balanced Learners: Our students make decisions and set goals for themselves. Building on the foundation of Montessori primary school education, they develop deep questioning skills and problem-solving abilities while acquiring self-discipline, resilience and the ability to compromise.

During adolescence, when social and emotional flux can occur, we nurture these traits as students navigate life’s ups and downs. At Melbourne Montessori Senior School, students belong to a community that fosters justice, respect and personal dignity.

Life-Long Learners: We prepare students for life today and tomorrow. As active participants in the learning process, students take ownership of their education based on their unique needs, abilities, interests and learning styles. They become genuine lifelong learners, adept problem-solvers and are well-equipped to pursue future work and study pathways.

Our curriculum develops critical thinking, information gathering, analysis, the ability to work independently and collaboratively, creative expression, skills to seek out expertise and self-reliance.

CYCLE 4 Secondary school GALLERY

Areas of Study INCLUDE:

Students develop an understanding of language analysis and use these techniques to inform debates and examine concepts relevant to the real world.

Our approach to mathematics is to help students develop a deep conceptual understanding, and then have them apply this in a practical, real-world context.

We teach the National Curriculum and extend this into the field of technology and robotics.

Students study prehistoric societies, ancient empires and societies in transition, and investigate present and future societal challenges.

Students explore traditional and non-traditional sports, physical activities and expressions in an inclusive, student-centred environment.

Students immerse themselves in a foreign language, discovering the culture and advancing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

This program builds skills that relate to a real-world occupation, whether it is making barista-style coffee or coding a robot. The opportunity to manage their own student-run businesses enhances understanding of manufacturing and marketing, and develops finance and customer relations skills.

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Melbourne Montessori Senior School provides an exceptional learning experience that prepares students to thrive in all aspects of life. Our focus on holistic development and fostering a love for learning empowers students to reach their full potential and embrace a lifelong journey of growth and discovery.

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