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Monday, 13 May, 2024

Primary school teacher, Lisa Stern, is very clear about her mission each day at Melbourne Montessori College.

“I want to make sure children can find where they fit in so they can be independent, be the best version of themselves and just be incredible human beings,” she says.

Lisa’s commitment to the hundreds of children she has taught over the past 11 years at Melbourne Montessori College has now been recognised nationally with Lisa named as a finalist in the prestigious Australian Education Awards.

The annual awards recognise top-performing schools and teachers and their outstanding work to support young people on their educational journey.

Lisa, who has been a Montessori educator for 27 years, is one of only a handful of primary school teachers from across the country to be recognised on the awards shortlist this year — and she admits to feeling a little overwhelmed by the achievement.

“I’m excited and quite taken aback. The recognition is very rewarding but I see it as recognition of our entire school community. Melbourne Montessori is a very special place and I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else,” says Lisa.

“Watching children be inspired by their learning, and observing their self-esteem, confidence and curiosity flourish makes coming to work every day very easy.”

Lisa is a popular figure with current and former students, parents and colleagues at Melbourne Montessori College. Until his passing earlier this year, Lisa was also chief carer for the school’s pet snake, Merlin!

As well as inspiring and supporting her students to learn, Lisa is also generous in sharing her years of teaching experience with newer teachers.

“Lisa represents all that is positive, resilient and generous about our school community,” says MMC Principal, Daniel Thomas.

“Even after children move on from Lisa’s class, they stay connected with her and so do their parents. She is greatly respected and trusted by everyone who is part of Melbourne Montessori College and we are all thrilled that she has been recognised by the judges of the Australian Education Awards.”

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