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Friday, 14 Jun, 2024

Discover the incredible history behind Melbourne Montessori College.  Learn how the dedication and support of our community have driven the school’s growth and success. From securing new campuses to launching scholarship funds, our collective efforts continue to create a remarkable legacy for future generations.

Purchasing Caulfield Campus

Do you know the history behind the purchasing of our Caulfield Campus? It’s an extraordinary story of how a small group of school families came together as a community to offer financial support to the school as it expanded to the Caulfield Campus.

In the 1970s, the demand for places at Brighton Montessori College (that merged with Caulfield Montessori College in 2005 to form Melbourne Montessori College) was growing. So, the school searched for a larger space to expand its newly-formed primary classes.

As fate would have it, in 1975, a Montessori family discovered that three adjacent properties on Roselea Street, Caulfield South were about to be put up for sale. It was an incredible opportunity and Brighton Montessori College went on to purchase what became the Caulfield Campus site for $140,000.

To support the school and for many years, 40 founding families paid down the loan by selling raffle tickets on the weekends. Their commitment and investment, along with the support of many other families since, has allowed us to build our school to be one of Australia’s leading Montessori early learning, primary and senior schools. The vision and efforts of those families are why we are here today.

What a remarkable legacy.

The MMC Community Fund

It has always been a part of our community’s history that families have participated in the financing of our school, and this was on display, when in late 2013, The Uniting Church offered MMC a unique and unexpected opportunity to purchase the Brighton campus, and adjoining church and grounds, which MMC had been leasing since 1974.

The MMC Board, MMC Foundation Board and Executive moved quickly to capitalise on this unique opportunity and by mid 2014 they had commissioned a master plan, secured a $2.5 million bank loan, a $500,000 Commonwealth government grant and private impact investment by members of the school community, allowing them to purchase the Brighton campus for $5 million.

Twenty eight MMC families and community members raised $1.8 million in 2015 to finance the purchase of the Brighton Campus, allowing our school to expand across two campuses, establish the Senior School and secure the future of the school.

Ten years later, the Brighton campus is valued at over $20 million.

What a remarkable legacy to leave for future generations of MMC students, families and staff.

Launching the MMC Scholarship Fund

Caring for our community is what we do best at MMC and in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, we all came together in an extraordinary display of support and strength.

In November 2020, the MMC Foundation, thanks to the generous donations of current and alumni school community, raised over $115,000 in 24 hours to launch the MMC Scholarship Fund. This Fund was established to provide fee support for students and families severely financially impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This achievement once again highlighted the community’s commitment to supporting each other and to ensuring the continuity of our students’ education.

Since 2022, through the financial support of the MMC Board, the Scholarship Fund has expanded to offer means-tested scholarships to students entering, or in, our senior school. To date, 27 scholarships have been awarded worth $172,000. The gift of a Montessori education — what a legacy to provide to our students and families.

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