Connect Speaker Series: The Importance Of Help-Seeking

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Friday, 12 Apr, 2024

The Importance of Help-Seeking


Presented by School Psychologist, Lily Trew, and Mentor – Wellbeing Coach, Glenn Manton

Thursday, 2 May, 7 pm

IB Building, Brighton Campus

Join us for an insightful evening at our Connect Speaker Series event, featuring Melbourne Montessori College Psychologist, Lily Trew, and Mentor – Wellbeing Coach, Glenn Manton.

They will explore the importance of help-seeking, unpacking what help-seeking behaviour is and emphasising its critical role in mental health. Lily and Glenn will shed light on help-seeking behaviour within MMC, outlining their roles in this process. They will also address common barriers to seeking help, and the power of positive parental modelling in promoting strong mental health in children.

The event will also touch on the importance of evaluating coping skills and distinguishing between adaptive and maladaptive coping behaviours, and Lily and Glenn will provide some practical guidance on seeking professional help for children.

This event will offer valuable insights for parents and caregivers.

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